Services                                           Our hours: 9am - 6pm                

Daily Extended Care (while you’re away):

-          Feed, walk, and lots of TLC for your pet

-          Yard pet cleanup

                                                                   Prices start at $9.00

Private Dog Boarding. Available at my home on a limited basis

        Pet Sitting Form  

               Directions                                      Prices start at $16.00


Visits to th Visits to the Vet and pet medication

                                                                      Prices start at$25.00

Basic obedience training:

    Includes sit, down, stay, come; walk on a leash, and potty training.

-    The training last up to 3 weeks (depending on the pet’s temperament). 

-    The training can be with the owner or you have the option to leave the pet in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon (which is what most customers do due to their complicated day).  

-    Also there are other customers who prefer to leave -    Also there are other customers who prefer to leave their pets through the whole 3 weeks; this option has an additional cost of $18/day since its training combined with boarding.

                                                                      Prices start at $180.00 Basic grooming which includes:

-          A bath

-          Clean ears

-          Trim nails (optional)

                                                                    Prices start at  $40.00