In Dog World, we provide pet sitting and training.

Dog World is operated by Gina M. Frias. Who is committed to providing the best care possible for you and your pet.

We offer the following services:

We walk your pet so it can maintain healthy.

We take care of your pet while you are out of town.

We train your pet to be an obedient pet.


In addition:

We have for sale the all-natural and fresh food from                        The Honest Kitchen, the dehydrated food for pets. All ingredients are 100% Human grade and nutritionally balanced, quick and easy to prepare, no cooking or freezers required.   


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New Articles

Dangerous Foods

Sizzling marinated steaks, chili dogs topped with onions, a big piece of chocolate cake. As Americans prepare for summer holidays and celebrations, they may want to think twice about giving their dogs these scraps from the grill and the dinner table. As it turns out, these meals can send them to the emergency room and in some cases, even kill them.


Dog's Food

 Xylitol, a sugar substitute that's found in chewing gum, hard candy, gum drops, sugar-free pudding, jello, diabetic foods, baked goods and toothpaste, can be fatal to pets. Please keep foods containing Xylitol, well out of their reach. Even a very small amount of Xylitol can be potentially life-threatening.

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Stinky breath isn't normal or healthy, and gum disease is an all-too-common doggy ailment. Brushing every day is the best prevention. Chomping on chew toys can also have a cleaning effect. If you're considering treats or food formulated for oral health, ask your vet if any of the products would be helpful.